Welcome to imarketings.net - the free information site for business owners and Internet Marketers.

The imaketings.net is dedicated to help business owners and home internet marketers manage and empower their businesses by top-notch IT, marketing and people management skills.

It aims to help you run a successful business with minimal budget. By utilizing these skills, I leverage limited resources to achieve missions with my business partners.

And you can do it too.

Free information and e-books on the following areas (still evolving into other areas) are available:

e-publishing A cost effective way to promote your offline and online businesses
Search Engine Optimization No one knows you if they cannot find your website. You need Search Engines to help. How to do it?
Email Management How to promote your business WITHOUT spamming people
Coaching: An important technique to manage your staff, customers and your neighborhood
IT management and security How to protect your data from being stolen, destroyed and altered by un-authorized personnel.
My Internet Marketing Journal This is the place where I put all my discoveries of useful Internet Marketing Resources
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